Simple to Use, Easy to Integrate, Non-Custodial

Simple to Use, Easy to Integrate, Non-Custodial

Decentralized protocol for digital identity,
scalable token agnostic payments

Decentralized protocol for digital identity and scalable token agnostic payments

Hypernet Protocol

Enabling decentralized high-throughput marketplaces to drive mass adoption of blockchain tech

What We Believe

The global economy will be transformed by blockhain technology.

Cryptocurrency transactions for goods and services should feel familiar and simple.

Developers should not need web 3.0 experience to integrate crypto payments into their products.

Consumers and merchants should be able to choose their transaction currencies irrespective of the base chain.

Powered by Hypernet:

for Computing Services

Galileo shows how crypto payments can coexist with other methods in a traditional payment system.

Beyond selecting Hypernet as the payment method, it's as easy as paying with a credit card.

Time on software and hardware can be purchased with crypto.

Marketplace vendors of both hardware and software can be paid out in crypto.

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Technology Behind the Protocol

Collateralized Layer 2 micro-transaction framework

NFT-based registry for verifying software authenticity

Decentralized governance of key variables within the Protocol

More details on the architecture coming soon

Status of Mainnet and Token